Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few Things...

HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO everyone! It's been about a week since I've posted something and I felt a little bad...not! Anywho, I would like to start off with a couple of things:

1. I live in Houston where it is about 103 degrees during the day, and I've seen quite a few ladies wearing spring/summer scarves!! Umm, NO MA'AM!!! IT IS TOO HOT IN HOUSTON TO WEAR THAT!! I could see if you (talking to the ladies) were living in New York were the temperature gets to seventy-something degrees. Or you could be in California, but that would only be at night; the weather at night in Cali is amazing! Back to my complaint: during the summer in Houston is the wrong time to wear scarves. That might be a trend in certain parts of the US, but it is definitely not a trend in Houston!!

2. Isabel Toledo
An amazing woman has cranked out fashion for 24 years and with all that hard work, an exhibition has been created with her pieces in the Museum at FIT. The exhibition has seventy...yes 7 0...pieces. Two of them were worn by Mrs. Obama for the inaguration; a divine coat and dress in acid-yellow winter lace.

What makes me love Toledo's work is,she does not fixate her mind on who's going to be wearing her clothes, meaning what celebrity will be in it, but more of the art of designing clothes. She's mention that, “It’s not who’s wearing your dress,” she explained. “That’s the easiest way to describe your work.” Instead, Toledo and husband/collaborator Ruben, used thematically based categories like origami or manipulated surfaces to curate the collection.

3.  I have nothing for number three lol lol !  Sorry!!