Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have just been informed that Christian Lacroix is entering BANKRUPTCY!!! This dude's haute couture line has always been my favorite.
Side note: I know I mention that I have a lot of favorite designers, but Lacroix is one of my ultimate ultimate favorite designers!!
Ok, back to what I what I was saying. Lacroix has redefined what haute couture is. His designs are always creative, playful, fun, unique and outstanding. To see his fashion house go into bankruptcy is just overwhelming!
True enough, he is not closing his house, but its the fact that he is going into bankruptcy!

Now, a designer that is closing her house is Veronique Branquinho. She is definitely well known in Paris. I am not too familiar with Branquinho's work, but I will say, it's sad to hear that her house is closing.

Back to Lacroix! I'm trying to understand how out of all the designers in the world, one of the most noted designers, he is the one to enter bankruptcy!