Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elie Saab!!

I have just fallen in love with Elie Saab's Fall 2009 RTW line!!
OH MY GOSH (yes, it had to be spelled out this time)!!! It was so amazing.
It had clean lines, gowns with flowing silhouettes, structure and flowing sleeve silhouettes, and only four to five major colors: winter white, black, royal blue, grey, and a blue that was kind of a mixture of blue and grey...I guess it would be called blue grey...or something like that.

Anyway, the line was so beautiful! The gowns, structured sleeves and a couple of the blouses were my favorite (please see below).
Another trend I saw in Elie Saab's line was the one shoulder and one leave look. For some reason, everything looked so fresh. I like how it was so dark and how the colors were not based around the "normal" fall/winter colors like brown, burgundy, black, grey, etc.  He brought a splash of color into the fall season and at the same time, didn't make it feel as if he was pushing for spring.

If I have the opportunity to work under the Elie Saab, best believe I will quit my job in a heart beat to learn from him.
And if there are two words to describe this line, they would be fresh & classic.

Shoulder Pads Once More

Ok people!!
It has been brought to my attention that a lot of celebrities are trying to wear the shoulder pads, and I must say, some of them need to hit upside their head!!

Kim Kardashian for instance: Mixed Emotions on the Look

It looks cute because she's wearing only black and white (thank God), but I believe if the shoulder pads weren't as dramatic as they are, then it would probably work. But her studded belt is fierce! (Fierce should not be in my vocabulary, BUT I had to use in this case)

Now, one of my favorite artist in the world,
Beyoncé: Mixed Emotions for This One Too!

She looks so chic with her Chanel earrings, Christian Louboutin sling-back heels, and her skinny leg jeans. But the bag is ok (I'm not crazy about it).
I like that Bey's shoulder pads are more round at the edges, while Kim's are too pointed, but I like them both.
Now, can the average woman wear these? Maybe. Maybe not.

Boutique in the Making...

Some people know that I will be transferring from UH to the Art Institute for fashion. Well, in the past two or three weeks, I made up my mind and decided to open my own boutique in Houston!! I AM SO AMPED ABOUT THIS!!!

True enough it is going to take A LOT of hard work and many, many sacrifices, but I am willing and ready to do what ever it takes to get it open.

There are so many women I run across that look.....hmm, I guess the word would be, o.k.
And that's about it. Understand that I don't expect a woman to be dolled up or glamorous on a daily basis, but at least be presentable and comfortable. The boutique will cater to that actual working class woman. And I'm not talking about the woman who has a job, but no children.
I'm talking about that woman with two to three children, with daily activities like basketball practice/games, recitals, award banquets, business meetings, etc. I want that woman that really doesn't have time to take care of herself.

My ideas and concepts are a little vague at this time, but as the months pass, they will become more concise in what I want basic couture to feel and look like.


Ok, i haven't been on my blog for quite some time, but I recently ran across this one and I must say.......O M F G !!!! It's amazing!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit this blog!! u will not regret it!!!