Wednesday, May 13, 2009

let me begin...

O M G!
I have been sketching for the past six to seven years now, and about a month ago, one of my designs came to life. It was actually for a cause to fight Malaria in Africa that was held by the United Nations Club at Berekely College in New York. It was a wonderful experience and delight to have met such wonder people!

But that's not what I wanted to discuss. I want to talk about how upsetting it is to see women wear the wrong thing!! O M G! If I could take every woman shopping, Lord knows I would!

First off, at this time in fashion, shoulder pads are back in; the reinventing of a man's suit for a woman...thanks to YSL (Yves Saint Laurent). I believe that is so sexy for a woman to wear a nice tailored blazer and a tailored pant. It can be very clean looking, but feminine at the same time. Yesterday, I witnessed a woman wearing an actual man's suit! You could tell that the jacket was too large, the shouldrt pads were too broad and do I need to mention the pants? I will just say they were too large as well.
I just wanted to run to her and tell her let's go shopping lol lol!
Now, if she was trying to be fashion consious or just dressing, she needed help!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Please be careful with what you put on! Every trend that comes out is not for everyone and every body type. You must know yourself well enough to put on certain things. And if you are going to dress like a dude, please, at least be feminine with it!
Home chick could have found some nice wide-leg slacks with a nice tailored blazer that had [structured] shoulder pads to it and a cute heel...simple!

I feel like this, if you are having problems with the clothes in your closet or those on the rack, give me a call and trust me, I will help you.

I have to go back to work right now, but I will finish this blog later on with other things that disturb me with women's fashion AND men's fashion! So until then, wear couture clothing, but be basic with it!