Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Implicit Argument: Let It Enfold You

Even though an explicit argument states a controversial claim directly and supports it with reasons and evidence, an implicit argument is completely different. An implicit argument doesn't look like an argument, its more in the form or poetry, short stories, art, personal essays, etc. It's indirectly stated.

Let It Enfold You by Charles Bukowski is an example of an implicit argument. There are sections of this poem that grabbed my attention in many different ways. In the poem for example, when he writes "I entered the world once more, drove down the hill past the houses full and empty of people...," he is saying that there are homes filled with luxurious and expensive items (that other people aren't blessed to have) aren't being enjoyed by the person(s) that have aquired those things. I also believe that the homes are sometimes for show. Meaning, they will only get used for major functions or big parties and so forth.

Bukowski writes how he is different from everyone else but finally realizes, he is just like everyone else.

to be continued...