Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be Back Shortly...

I have been away my people, and I do apologize! I've been a little busy with trying to get the last minute details for school, getting more information and help with the boutique, and a few other things. But, I will be back shortly. I have not strayed away from this blog, like some other blogs I
Any who, stay tuned...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poetics Noire

This has nothing to do with fashion, but it's extremely important to me and I believe it is my duty to talk about it.
A great friend, who's name will be referred to as Poetics Noire, is releasing her first book on September 4, 2009!! YOU MUST PICK IT UP!! Mark your calendars now!!

I am so proud of her and so honored to be part of this achievement in her life! This great masterpiece will consist of poetry and art from her gifted mind and the minds of other young and talented African Americans, whom I had the privilege to attend school with. This will be the first volume and I cannot wait until it comes out!!

Please visit for more details!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been sitting here for quite some time thinking of a certain demographic of women that really don't have a lot to choose from when it comes to clothing; the thick women of the world. I've been approached several times with suggestions of designing some clothes for them, but I never took the time to do so. There are about four stores in all that these women are able to go to.

Besides not having multiple places to shop, they don't have some couture to choose from either. Why the hell not is my question!! I mean, I've heard of a few designers that have (or had) designed some lines of couture, but I've never seen them and they can't be too good because they are not getting the attention they should and need.

With that said, I believe I will have section of couture and ready-to-wear clothing in my boutique for these big and beautiful women!! They deserve to be in the finest just like any other woman!

Without a doubt, I know there have been several people that have thought about the same thing or has had the same idea, but was either too chicken to carry out their ideas, or they didn't have the creative mind to create the clothing!

Well, I'm here and I will not chicken out!


REPOST: Boutique in the Making...

Some people know that I will be transferring from UH (University of Houston) to the Art Institute for fashion. Well, in the past two or three weeks, I made up my mind and decided to open my own boutique in Houston!! I AM SO AMPED ABOUT THIS!!!

True enough it is going to take A LOT of hard work and many, many sacrifices, but I am willing and ready to do what ever it takes to get it open.

There are so many women I run across that look.....hmm, I guess the word would be, o.k.
And that's about it. Understand that I don't expect a woman to be dolled up or glamorous on a daily basis, but at least be presentable and comfortable. The boutique will cater to that actual working class woman. And I'm not talking about the woman who has a job, but no children.
I'm talking about that woman with two to three children, with daily activities like basketball practice/games, recitals, award banquets, business meetings, etc. I want that woman that really doesn't have time to take care of herself.

My ideas and concepts are a little vague at this time, but as the months pass, they will become more concise in what I want basic couture to feel and look like.

UPDATE: I've been thinking of names for the boutique (I actually have it), looking for spaces (found three ideal locations, all on the opposite side of town from each other), pricing different items (shopping bags, signs, hangers, etc.) and many other tasks. I must say, this is fun, but it is extremely hard work (I mentioned that in the first post). I'm constantly sketching, shopping for fabric, but I'm in need of a seamstress!! I have found one that works with some of the major names in fashion, but I haven't been able to meet her because she is working on New York Fashion Week (I cannot wait to show there one day).
So, other than that, I am still at the foundation of this business/boutique. I am going to continue to take my time to make sure that this baby comes out just right!

Hedi Slimane

Photographer Hedi Slimane has outdone himself with his latest photo shoot with model Anna Selezneva.
It has the elements of couture, drama, and art wrapped all into one.

Miu Miu

LOVE THEM!!! I've [supposedly] moved on to the resort collections of 2010, but the fall keeps calling me!! I've come to the conclusion that the fall season is for me! I love the idea of having to wear layers; scarves, pea coats, gloves, jeans, etc. The season lets me have creative control over my wardrobe, not that the spring/summer season doesn't allow me to.
Anywho, here is the campaign for
Miu Miu's Fall 2009/10 Collection

Adidas SLVR Debut

Adidas will debut their high-end line, SLVR, for the fall 2009/10 season with some new designs to the collection. Jackets are cut differently, shirts fit different, but there is still this feel of Adidas to the line.
FYI - the line has been around for quite some time, but this will be the first year that its becoming mainstream and more public.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scientific Glamour

I found these photos in Vogue Japan.
I'm not sure who's the designer(s), but who ever it is, the garments are phenomenal!!


I haven't been on here for quite some time, and I do apologize!!
I've been in the process of transferring schools; getting all the paperwork in order, financial aid, etc.
Anywho, I have some new updates (they might be old, but who

Thursday, July 9, 2009


By now, almost every person in the world should be addicted to Twitter! Being connected to some important contacts and very close friends is so amazing.
Not only are you connected to these individuals, you are able to speak your mind at any time of day! I've personally checked my twitter page almost thirty...yes, thirty times already today.

I know I am a little late but that's okay. So, I need everyone to follow me at
If you all could follow my friends:

They've had their twitter pages for quite some time, I'm just the slow one LOL LOL!